How to Choose the Right Estate Agent for You in Cavan

  • 2 years ago

So step one, as discussed in our previous article, is where you need to arrange a valuation. That way you can get an estimate of a market price for your home in Cavan.

Then it’s on to choosing the agent that you want to go with, for valuation purposes.

What to Consider When Choosing an Estate Agent in Cavan

So how would you go about it? Maybe you are checking out local agents on Google or YouTube, or you have been recommended one, but there are still some things to bear in mind that are not always the obvious ones.

High-End Property Presentations

Yes, you want an agent who’s going to take top quality photographs. Yes, you want an agent who can shoot high quality video of the interior and exterior. There is more however.

Keenan Auctioneers also believe you need an agent who can provide in depth virtual tours and who have a deeper understanding of the social media side of things.

The world of property sales has gone way beyond simply displaying your home on the likes of and for instance.

Nowadays it means having the right Digital Marketing EcoSystem in place to benefit you and your property sale. All of that is to get as many people enquiring about your home in Cavan as possible to get the bidding process underway.

Click here to see one of our recent Virtual Property Presentations in Action

Finding the ‘Right Team Fit’ when Selling your Cavan Home

Of course at Keenan Auctioneers we do all those things, but that’s not the only factor to consider.

There is a relationship that builds during the course of the sale process, so you need an agent that you get on with. Someone who you feel there us a strong rapport with and that you trust.

Why? Well, the reality is that your house is probably the biggest financial asset you own. So it needs to be in safe hands.

The process itself is often thought of as being very stressful. There are, afterall, many moving parts involved to stay on track. You obviously want to get the right buyer at the best market price, and to do that, you need to get advice through open communication from your agent.

Ideally that is someone who you can relate to (without feeling like you’re putting them out every time you ring them due to a poor professional attitude, if you have ever experienced that you will know what we mean!).

Basically, the agent should build the trust needed through calm experience. A professional, who provides the open level of service and communication needed. From the very start and throughout!

The reason for pointing this out is because over the course of three or four weeks, while the marketing campaign and viewings of your property are happening, there will be constant communication with that agent back and forth.

Maintaining feedback helps you keep aware of the proceedings. More importantly it helps you to make informed decisions along the way while minimising stress.

During this time it is just as important to know what might not be going so well, even moreso than it is to know what is going right!

In cases like this, you need to know why, so that any issues can be resolved and professional advice can be applied to the situation with clarity.

Sometimes, there might be difficult conversations to be had. For example if the marketplace is sluggish then maybe it’s time to adjust a price if its too high. So you need to be able to trust your agent.

First and foremost, you have to have good rapport. To be able to get on.

Not forgetting that all of those other things like the marketing bells and whistles need to be in place, working correctly, as well.

A good agent will confidently help you avoid wasting a lot of time and money through quality communication and feedback.

If you feel like you can get on with the agent, then that is a good start.

Why? Well think about it this way. How an agent makes you feel is a measure against how well they can present your home to potential buyers.

Having a close working relationship is key to your success when selling your home in Cavan. 

This is something that we at Keenan Auctioneers and Estate Agents are keenly aware of, having learned through many years of local experience within the industry.

So what now, you might ask? First things first, check out the video below to see the team in action. Then, if you are thinking of selling your home in Cavan, contact us for a Free Home Valuation.

Use it as a opportunity to talk with us and ask the questions that you need answered. That time can be used as a mini interview. You can get a true feel of the way in which we can help you succeed!

Remember, We’re Keen!

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