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Top Tips On Preparing Your House For Sale | The Kick Vlog Ep 3

Welcome to Keenan Auctioneers Cavan and the the 3rd blog in our series we call The Kick. Here we break down the process, with insider tips, when it comes to you selling your home in Cavan with greater ease. In fact, these guidance tips are also highly relevant for you if you have property to sell anywhere in Ireland! In the first article we looked at tip No.1, which was about your valuation and...


How to Choose the Right Estate Agent for You in Cavan

So step one, as discussed in our previous article, is where you need to arrange a valuation. That way you can get an estimate of a market price for your home in Cavan.Then it's on to choosing the agent that you want to go with, for valuation purposes.What to Consider When Choosing an Estate Agent in CavanSo how would you go about it? Maybe you are checking out local agents on Google or YouTube, or you...


House Valuation | Importance of Local Knowledge to Achieve your Best Price

Hello from Keenan Auctioneers and Estate Agents Cavan and welcome to Episode One of our blogs we call 'The Kick'. Episode one is the first of a series of five top tips on how to avoid wasting time and money when selling your home in Cavan. Have a look at the video below after reading this blog which includes links to relevant information within our website. If you would like to follow this series on...

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