Top Tips On Preparing Your House For Sale | The Kick Vlog Ep 3

  • 2 years ago

Welcome to Keenan Auctioneers Cavan and the the 3rd blog in our series we call The Kick. Here we break down the process, with insider tips, when it comes to you selling your home in Cavan with greater ease.

In fact, these guidance tips are also highly relevant for you if you have property to sell anywhere in Ireland!

In the first article we looked at tip No.1, which was about your valuation and getting an estimate of a realistic guide price that you could achieve for your house. Then we discussed How to Choose Your Estate Agent. What to look for and choosing the one that would work best for you.

So then we move onto the stage of getting ready to sell your home. This is not just about having your home looking well for the market, but being prepared for the transaction of sale. Read on to get a deeper understanding because the aim here is to reduce issues that could effect a sale.

What would you recommend to me as I prepare my house for sale?

Straight away, you should get onto your solicitor so that they know your intention to selling the property. This gives them time to get all the relevant documentation in place such as requesting title deeds from the bank if in your case they need to get them.

Some of thehings you need to consider: Is there anything you’ve built in the past that perhaps needs planning retention, to make sure permissions are in place. Maybe you have build on a garage or extended it and it’s oversized. Or even something like having a shed that needed permission because these things will cause a hassle down at the back end of the conveyancing process.

It is best that you consider it early and a retention application or an application for retention planning/ permission needs to be applied for in a timely fashion. By the time you are closing the sale that retention and should be through. Other things that should be looked at early for example are land registered boundary lines versus physical boundary lines on the on the ground.

If there’s any question mark do mention it to us as the agent and most definitely say it to your solicitor. If there is something you have any doubt about by mentioning it in the earlier stages to be resolved it will save you time and money at the backend. This goes especially for houses built in the countryside, for example: A detached home built on a site that your family passed to you and maybe the septic tank is built inside the ground next door.

These are things that can catch you out if they are not rectified early.

The BER Energy Rating is another important factor to be considered early then. Again you will save time and money in the backend by having them in place because they will be needed. If you don’t know an Energy Assessor or would like a recommenation to one, Keenan Auctioneers can put you in touch with professionals we use regularly

What else can I do as a homeseller to help the process along?

That then takes you onto marketing and preparing your house for sale. Making it look it’s best by decluttering, tidying, mowing lawns, etc. We can provide you with a home staging guide which will give you insights and tips on presentation of your home for it’s strongest visual impact.

Why is it so Important to have all of these elements in Place?

It gets back to being prepared for what can happen during a sale to minimise the impact of potential problems by doing so early, again you will save you time and money if they’re done right, rather than sort of haphazard fashion which can delay of even derail a sale. Speaking as people working in the industry, those kinds of problems will come up. It is quite common and especially in terms of planning commission regarding houses in the countryside. More so than in the middle of a housing estate for instance.

However everything has a solution and it can be worked through. It will test your patience far less if we deal with early on in their conveyancing process.

To Sum up

Allow your solicitor to get on top of an issue early on, rather than it getting to a sale agreed position to then try to resolve issues. You’re sort of on the back foot if you get into that position. Your buyer can start to lose patience and other properties will be coming up in the market. These compete for buyer attention and perhaps the buyer will want to investigate other properties further because the sale process looks tricky and is going on too long.

Remember, they have got mortgage approval timelines ticking away in the background. That in face is double edged sword. Its great when all of the properties paperwork is on order because it can close effeciently. When its not however, the buyer may feel forced to look in a new direction and you as a home owner might miss a perfect selling opportunity.

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