Marketing Your Property for Sale | The Kick Episode 4

  • 2 years ago

Lets talk about Marketing Your Property for Sale in 2022

So as we mentioned marketing in previous articles (check out our last blog here) once you, as a selling client have all of the legal items sorted out, it’s time to move onto the actual marketing of your property (and yes there are more efficient and effective ways of doing so than ever before!

Q/ How to Market a Property for Sale?

A/ Well there are the bells and whistles and the shiny stuff. We especially love going out to a property to help a seller make it look its best. When we talk about bells and whistles what we mean is: Top quality photography, a video tour of the property with drone footage if possible (depending on whether it’s a built-up area or not). Also a Matterport 3D Experience can give you the edge when it comes to helping a buyer intiate engagement with your property. All of which becomes part of customising the marketing package to suit you as a seller.

See Our Listings Section Here that Highlight Our Work

Q/ You Might Ask: How Does this Attract Buyers to My Home or Property?

A/ At Keenans, we’re all about getting as many eyes on our clients houses for sale in Cavan as possible. Experience and data prove that high quality photos, video presentations & virtual tours makes it possible for a wider audience to see and understand the property.

Often (and just importantly) we recognise that not all buying clients engage on the same social media platforms as others. It is human nature of course to have individual preferences. Normally, they will start a search on their favoured platform and then research across the board.

This is why we take a multi-platform approach while using various forms of media such as recorded video presentation, static photos and virtual tours etc. In this way we capture buyers attention and point them towards your property for sale.

Q/ How Does this Help to Qualify Better Physical Viewings by Potential Buyers?

A/ In turn, if as many people as possible get a feel for the property, when they actually set foot physically inside, they have a far clearer idea of what it’s like. They have possibly already made the decision to make a bid, even before they setting foot in the property!

This process gives more power to the potential buyer to make informed decisions. They can decide beforehand about how closely a property matches their needs. We find that this leads to a higher quality presentation of the property on the day. Ultimately, this helps you as a seller to find a ‘buyer match’ more efficiently.

Q/ Are there various Marketing Plans Available to Customise to my Selling Needs?

A/ Sometimes the full package is not suitable for every seller. We let our clients know that if they are more budget conscious then we have a budget conscious marketing pack available. We also offer a medium marketing pack as well as a top-of-the-line marketing pack. Before any plans are put into effect however we clarify what to expect along the way after a consultation. This way we can apply the right marketing campaign that suits your particular property sale.

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